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(formerly Global Atmospherics Ltd., purchased by Vaisala, Inc.)


STRIKEnet (their description) introduces STRIKEnet — fast, affordable online lightning verification reports. Run a STRIKEnet report any time of the day or night, any day of the week. STRIKEnet is always available online. Use STRIKEnet to:

* Verify if lightning was or was not present at a location on a specific date

* Search up to 14 consecutive days for lightning activity since January 1, 1998

* Find out how many strikes occurred in your selected 5- to 15-mile search radius

* Find out how powerful the strikes were that occurred in your search radius

These reports include actual cloud-to-ground lightning strike data, detected by the National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN) for the date and location of your interest.


STRIKEnet report options include:

  • Basic STRIKEnet Report: A summary of the number of lightning strikes detected in your search area for a time period up to 24 hours. Price: $95
  • Additional 24-hour time periods, or portion thereof, up to 14 days: $25 per 24-hour time period.
  • Optional Map: Get a map with lightning activity plotted within your search region. Price: $25
  • Optional Confidence Ellipses: Add 99% confidence ellipses to your point plot map. These ellipses indicate a 99% certainty that the recorded lightning event contacted the ground within the bounds of the ellipse. Price: $25
  • Optional Lightning Strike Details: Includes the date, time (to nearest second), latitude, longitude, peak current (kA), bearing and range from the search centerpoint for each detected strike. Price: $25


Phone: (800) 283-4557


Last Updated: March 7, 2003