Welcome to Version 1.0 of the Electronic Climate Atlas of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Climatological Survey's Electronic Climate Atlas is designed to help Oklahoma's citizens, decision-makers and students make informed weather- and climate-related assessments and decisions.

Oklahoma's climate delivers nature's many moods. Bitter cold, scorching heat, tranquil breezes, violent winds, and all of the delightful conditions in between give the Sooner State a range of weather that few locations can match. Capturing the limitless possibilities of Oklahoma climate in one document is a steep challenge that will never be fully realized. However, this document represents another step toward a thorough description and archive of Oklahoma's climate possibilities.

This version features two main sections, each contains a number of subsections. The first describes today's climate, focusing on Oklahoma's "normals" for temperature, precipitation, wind, freeze dates and related phenomenon. The second helps define the evolution of Oklahoma's climate during the past 100 years. It provides a detailed look at month-by-month observations since territorial days. Select from the table of contents below, or use the Quick Menu in the top panel.

The goal of the editorial staff is to produce the most comprehensive and usuable state climate atlas in the U.S. by 2006. To achieve that goal, the Electronic Climate Atlas of Oklahoma will be updated every six months - every spring and fall. Each new release will feature additional content, features and data. Comments about existing content, and ideas for additional information, are strongly encouraged. Please visit our contact page to help improve this living document!

Oklahoma's Climate Today

Description of the Climate of Oklahoma
Oklahoma's Current Normals, including:
Wind Data
Energy-related variables
First and Last Freeze Dates
County-by-County Statistics
Statistics by Climate Division
Long Term Averages (since 1895) by Climate Division
Oklahoma's Winds
Tornado Information

Oklahoma's Climate History

Timeline of Oklahoma Climate: 1800s-2004
Historical Temperature and Precipitation by Month
Historical Tornado Information
Daily Temperature Records
Month-by-Month Rainfall since 1893
Observation Network Metadata

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