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Climate Data Sources

Normals - roughly speaking daily and monthly long-term means, are published by NCDC once every decade. The 1971-2000 Normals include 199 stations in Oklahoma (see station map and list for specifics). In addition to basic variables such as maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and degree days, specialized normals publications give a variety of area-weighted and population-weighted indices. See the NCDC website for more details.


Monthly Normals:


Daily Normals:


Summarized Station Normals and Extremes

  • CLIMOCS - monthly and annual averages of temperature and precipitation derived from cooperative observer obserations. Averages are from 1971-2000 and extremes are from the period-of-record for the station.
  • Monthly Climate Calendar - A calendar-style display of daily temperature and precipitation extremes, average maximum and minimum temperatures, and percentage occurrence of significant precipitation


County Climatologies

  • Documents located on cig in /ocsdata/County Climatologies/
  • Summarized averages and extremes for a selected cooperative observer station and Mesonet station in each county
  • Includes written narrative, CLIMOCS, exceedence values, freeze/frost data, wind roses, average humidity and soil temperatures, and tornado history


Atlas of Oklahoma Climate: [NOTE: Needs Internet Explorer]

  • Climate "today" - normals and averages describing Oklahoma's climate of the recent past - and Oklahoma's Climate history - graphs, tables, and data dating back to the 1800s.
  • Climate today includes a written narrative of Oklahoma; county and statewide station normals; wind frequency and wind roses; climate division averages, and tornado information
  • Climate history includes a timeline of significant weather / climate events, by decade; month-by-month maps and graphs of temperature and precipitation; historical tornado information; daily maps of state records; and station metadata.
  • Updated periodically with additional products and data files.


Oklahoma normals and extremes on the web - county summaries, county normals, state temperature and precipitation maps