Press Releases

It's Not Always Warm in Oklahoma (1/12/2006) PDF, Word

November 11, 1911: A Palindrome to Remember (11/9/2004) PDF, Word

May 2004 Likely to be State's Driest (6/1/2004) PDF, Word

Oklahoma's Unusual Period of Record Without Tornadoes (5/13/2004) PDF, Word

Nebraska Snows and Oklahoma's Woes (2/16/2004) PDF, Word, Image

November: Feast or Famine (12/2/2003) PDF, Word

October Climatology (10/9/2003) PDF, Word

Monarch Butterflies Visit Oklahoma (9/11/2003) PDF, Word

September Climatology (9/10/2003) PDF, Word

August Climatology (7/31/2003) PDF, Word

July Climatology (7/7/2003) PDF, Word

Rain Rain Go Away (6/11/2003) PDF, Word

Oklahoma Springtime Dangers: Tornadoes, Floods, and Smoke? (5/8/2003) PDF, Word

April 2003 Weather in Review for Oklahoma (4/30/2003) PDF, Word

March 2003 Weather in Review for Oklahoma (3/31/2003) PDF, Word

Welcome, Spring! (3/21/2003) PDF, Word

Major Cold Front (3/7/2003) PDF, Word

February 2003 Weather in Review for Oklahoma (2/28/2003) PDF, Word

Weekend Snowstorm Approaches All-Time Record in Some Locations (2/24/2003) PDF, Word

January 2003 Weather in Review for Oklahoma (1/31/2003) PDFWord

2002 Oklahoma Weather In Review (12/20/2002) PDFWord

Oklahoma Drought Event Summary for 2001-2002 (11/5/2002) PDF

Oklahoma's Weather Ends Up Frightful, Not Delightful (10/31/2002) PDFWord

Tricks and Treats: A look back at Halloween weather (10/22/2002) PDFWord

Storms Bring Winds, Relief (8/27/2002) PDF, Word

Oklahoma Panhandle Revisits Dust Bowl Days (8/23/2002) PDFWord

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Use? (8/1/2002) PDF, Word

El Nino's Effects May Be Limited This Winter (7/25/2002) PDFWord

Still No 100 Degree Temperatures At Oklahoma City or Tulsa (7/19/2002) PDFWord

June-through-May Rainfall Shows Sharp Contrast Across the State (6/6/2002) PDF, Word

Oklahoma Monthly Temperature Extremes (5/28/2002) PDF, Word

Local Climatologist Attends Drought Conference (5/14/2002) PDF, Word

Oklahoma Approaches Peak Tornado Season (4/30/2002) PDF, Word

Free Climate Web Site Answers All Your Questions (4/24/2002) PDF, Word

Drought Continues to Impact Oklahoma Agriculture (4/5/2002) PDF, Word

A Tale of Two Calamities (3/20/2002) PDFWord

Tornado Alley (2/28/2002) PDF, Word

2001, Warmer than Normal (1/23/2002) PDF, Word

2001, Driest in Years (1/15/2002) PDF, Word

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