McManus, Gary (contributor), 2002: A Return to the Ice Age: The Ice Storms of 2000 and 2002.Virginaia Beach, VA: The Donning Company Publishers (by Oklahoma Living Magazine)


Journal Articles:

Shafer, Mark A., Christopher A. Fiebrich, Derek S. Arndt, Sherman E. Fredrickson, and Timothy W. Hughes, 2000: Quality assurance procedures in the Oklahoma Mesonetwork. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 17, 474-494. (PDF)

Shafer, Mark A., Donald R. MacGorman, and Frederick H. Carr, 2000: Cloud-to-ground lightning throughout the lifetime of a severe storm system in Oklahoma. Monthly Weather Review, 128, 1798-1816. (PDF)


Conference Presentations:

Shafer, Mark A., 2002: The State Climatologist Program and a National Climate Services Initiative. Preprints, 13th Conference on Applied Climatology, American Meteorological Society, Portland, OR. (PDF)

Hughes, Timothy W., Mark Shafer, Troy Simonsen, Jeremy Traurig, Nick Mirsky, Steven J. Stadler, and Peter G. Earls, 2002: Using Environmental Data to Attract Development: The Oklahoma Wind Power Assessment Initiative. Preprints, 3rd Symposium on Environmental Applications, American Meteorological Society, Orlando, FL. (PDF)

James, Thomas E., Paula O. Long, and Mark A. Shafer, 2000: An independent evaluation of the OK-FIRST decision-support system. Preprints, 2nd Symposium on Environmental Applications, American Meteorological Society, Long Beach, CA, 40-47. (PDF)


Other Publications:

"Climate Services: A Summary of Academic, Administrative, and Legislative Initiatives", presented at the AASC annual meeting (PDF)

"Climate Services: A New Partnership" (draft) - for AASC consideration (Word)

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