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Pulling Hourly or Higher-Resolution Data

Finding Daily or Monthly Data

Climate Data Sources

Documenting Storm Reports


Overview of data sources (powerpoint)

FTP link to data requests

Normals & Extremes

Atlas of Oklahoma Climate
* In development; planned first release December 2003

Monthly and Daily Climate Normals (NCDC)

* Free to .edu domain users; others will be charged a fee. See for NCDC price lists)

OCS documents archive - Normals

OCS normals and extremes

  • county summaries - average of county station normals; monthly temperature and precipitation
  • County normals - whole state, listed by temperature, precipitation, and degree days
  • State temperature maps - annual temperature, days above/below thresholds, seasonal degree days
  • State precipitation maps - monthly and nanual normals, annual snowfall

Cooperative Observer Data

  • Monthly Climate Calendar
  • CLIMOCS (monthly means and extremes, by station)

Additional climate products from NWS Forecast Offices

Selected Climate Change References

The Climatologists' Toolbox

Daily Records (NCDC)

Observations (Historical)

NCDC publications
* Free to .edu domain users; others will be charged a fee. See for NCDC price lists)
  • Local Climatological Data
  • Climatological Data
  • Hourly Precipitation Data
  • Storm Data
  • Monthly Climatic Data for the World
  • COOP Data / Record of Observations (B-91 forms)
  • Other Publications

OCS/CIG publications documents archive

  • Climatological Data
  • Local Climatological Data
  • Storm Data
  • Hourly Precipitation Data
  • NCDC Normals
  • Daily Weather Maps

Climate Summaries (F6s)

  • Norman: Oklahoma City, Wichita Falls (TX), Bethany, Clinton, Frederick, Gage, Guthrie, Hobart, Lawton, Ponca City, Stillwater
  • Tulsa: Tulsa, Bartlesville, Muskogee, Fayetteville (AR), Highfill (AR), Fort Smith (AR), McAlester, Tulsa Riverside (Jenks)
  • Amarillo: Amarillo, Borger, Dalhart, Guymon
  • Shreveport: De Queen (AR), El Dorado (AR), Longview (TX), Lufkin (TX), Monroe (LA), Shreveport (LA), Texarkana (AR), Tyler (TX)

Cooperative Observer Forms (B-91s from WSSRD)

Oklahoma Mesonet

Mesonet Climatological Data (click on Monthly and Climate)

Mesonet Monthly Data

Mesonet Daily Data

Mesonet 5-minute observations

Mesodata text table listing (PC)

Mesonet Query / Daily data search engine

Mesonet Climate Division Summary 

Make a Mesonet Meteogram

Make a "Mesotext" file

Make a Mesonet "Current Weather" Map for any time

Cooperative Observer Data (TD-3206+TD-3200)

  • Timeseries - actual observations from any selected time period, station
  • Timeseries - monthly: summarized observations for selected period, station
  • A month in time - calendar of observations (single station)
  • Statewide Records - 'Top-20' list for all stations, all years on a given date

Surface Airways Observations

Hourly Observations (NCDC)

Metar Hourly observations for Tulsa (NWS)

Surface Obs from Plymouth State (statewide, selected time)

Meteograms & listings from Plymouth State (selected station)

National Metars (OCS, 2002-present) - by request 

Upper Air / Soundings

University of Wyoming (1989-present)

FSL RAOBS (1998-present)

NCDC CARDS dataset (order)

NOAA / NESDIS CLASS (satellite data)

Ag Weather / Current Observations


 Seasonal & Extended Outlooks (Climate Prediction Center)

CPC Probability of Exceedence forecasts (Temperature, Precipitation, Degree Days)

Drought Outlook (Climate Prediction Center)

Sunrise/Sunset (U.S. Naval Observatory)

ENSO Outlooks (CPC)


OCS Data Fees (Word, PDF)

Data Request Database (OCS personnel only)

OCS Travel Request Database

NCDC Publications, Forms, and Documents (from WSSRD)

 OCS Monthly Summaries

OCS Event Summaries

  • ES-2002-01: January 28-30, 2002: Oklahoma Ice Storm
  • ES-2002-02: The Oklahoma Drought of 2001-2002
  • ES-2003-01: Oklahoma Ice Storm: December 3, 2002
  • ES-2003-02: May 8-9, 2003 Tornadoes

OCS Hazard Summaries (in development; as of May 4, 2004)

OCS/Mesonet Ticker

Weekly Crop Weather (Oklahoma Agricultural Statistics Service)

Daily Weather Maps

NCEP Charts (surface & upper air 'facsimilie charts')

Consulting Meteorologists

Oklahoma Metadata

Mesonet Site Map (STIDs)

Mesonet Site Map (long names)

Oklahoma Climate Divisions

NWS County Warning Areas

Federal Observing Sites, Southern Region

National Climate Divisions (from CDC)

Oklahoma Counties

Oklahoma Ecoregions (Tourism) (federal e-government portal)

National Atlas of the U.S. Mapmaker (USGS)

Terraserver (topo and satellite maps) (topo only; quite a bit faster)

Weather Calculator (NWS El Paso)

Norman NWS quarterly newsletter

Global Hazard Reports

Rainfall & Drought

Rainfall & Drought Update (seasonal maps and climate division statistics)

Drought Map Maker (total rainfall, soils)

Recent Mesonet Rainfall (Mesonet 7-90 day rainfall totals, by station)

Mesonet rainfall accumulation maps (1 to 72 hours)

Water Resources Bulletin (Oklahoma Water Resources Board)

Reservoir Status (Corps of Engineers)

Red Flag Fire Alert (Oklahoma Dept of Agriculture, Food and Forestry)

Vegetation Mapping Viewer (USGS)

Vegetation Health (current and comparative / archive; NESDIS NDVI)

Pro Farmer (Midwestern) Crop Tour

Active fires (USDA Forest Service)

National Wildland Fire Outlook (National Interagency Coordination Center)

Drought Monitor (National Drought Mitigation Center)

Drought Outlook (Climate Prediction Center)

Standardized Precipitation Index (Western Regional Climate Center)

N-day Rainfall vs. Normal Maps (Climate Prediction Center)

NWS Precipitation Analysis (Southern Region HQ)

Precipitation Mapping (ABRFC)

RCC precip and temperature maps (HPRCC)

USGS Streamflow Data (Oklahoma)

Return-Period precipitation maps (OK USGS)

Mesonet Rainfall vs. Flash Flood Guidance

ES-2002-02: The Oklahoma Drought of 2001-2002 (OCS Event Summary)

Rainfall Return-Period Maps (on request from OCS)

Drought for Kids (from NDMC)

Severe Weather

  OCS normals and extremes
  • tornadoes - annual number, number by county, time of day
  • hail - number of hail days, number of events

Storm Data (NCDC)

* Free to .edu domain users; others will be charged a fee. See for NCDC price lists)

OCS documents archive - Storm Data

Storm Events Database (NCDC)

Preliminary Storm Reports:

Oklahoma Tornado statistics & listings (NWS-Norman)

Tornado Statistics for Oklahoma (Doug Speheger, OUN, personal pages)

Corrections to the tornado database (NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS SR-209)

National Weather Service archives (search engine; 2002-present)

  • Text products issued by area offices or Storm Prediction Center
  • Climate data and weather roundup (KOUN only)
  • Temperature and precipitation tables
  • Area Weather Summaries
  • Zone and short-term forecasts and discussions
  • Local storm reports
  • Watches and warnings
  • Special weather statements
  • Public information statements
  • Mesoscale discussions and outlooks

WSR-88D (Nexrad Radar) from NCDC

WSR-88D (Nexrad Radar) archives information from OCS

  • 15 local-area radars + 3 mosaic products; 1998-present
  • offline orders only

Lightning Information (Vaisala /; formerly Global Atmospherics Ltd.)

ES-2003-02: May 8-9, 2003 Tornadoes (OCS Event Summary)

Winter Weather / Freezes

  OCS Freeze and Frost maps
  • Average date of first / last frost, freeze, or hard freeze
  • Average frost-free period
  • Earliest / latest freeze
  • First / last freeze distributions (10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%)

 Freeze/Frost data for the U.S. (NCDC, Clim-20)

Snow cover maps (NWS Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center)

GoogleEarth Snow Maps (NWS Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center)

ES-2002-01: January 28-30, 2002: Oklahoma Ice Storm (OCS Event Summary)

ES-2003-02: Oklahoma Ice Storm: December 3, 2002 (OCS Event Summary)

 Heavy Snow in Oklahoma - NWS Norman (Mike Branick)


Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS)

Oklahoma Mesonet

Public pages (real-time)

Premium pages (real-time)

Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative (OWPI)

Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB)

State of Oklahoma

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

American Association of State Climatologists (AASC)

Southern Regional Climate Center (SRCC)

Regional Climate Centers

National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA)

National Weather Service (NWS)

Climate Services Division 

Climate Prediction Center (CPC)

Storm Prediction Center (SPC)

National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

River Forecast Center, Tulsa (ABRFC)

Norman WFO

Tulsa WFO

Amarillo WFO

Shreveport WFO

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