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Ice Storm January 2002

Drought of 2001/2002

Ice Storm December 2002


Recent Publications



OCS Presentation to ODOC February 20, 2004 (Mark Shafer)

OCS + NWS Collaboration January 28, 2004 meeting with NWS-Tulsa staff (Mark Shafer)

Climate Services & Federalism to AMS Applied Climatology, 2004 (Mark Shafer)

Incorporating Long-Term Climate Variability in Water Resource Planning Oklahoma Water Symposium 2003 (Mark Shafer)

OCS overview to NWS Climate Services meeting 2003 (Mark Shafer)

OCS overview to AASC 2003 (Mark Shafer)

Climate Services to AASC 2002 (Mark Shafer)

Climate Services to AMS Applied Climatology, 2002 (Mark Shafer)

Site Selection to Mesonet 2002 (Mark Shafer)

Wind Power to 2002 AMS (Mark Shafer)

OK-FIRST Evaluation to 2000 AMS (Mark Shafer)

Last Updated: February 27, 2004