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OCS Monthly News Review

Prepared by Mark Shafer, Director of Climate Information

Oklahoma Climatological Survey


Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 3 (June 2004)



Federal IT Research hearing
OMB chief denies spending cuts
Senate begins moving on appropriations
Energy tax package passes Senate
First responders grant formula debated
Natural gas prices rise
Labor Department reports productivity gains
Deficit up $56 billion from last year
$43 trillion in unfunded costs
Conservation programs face cuts
Governors endorse drought system
Thirty-one states exceed air quality standards
Environmental data goes online
Legislation would rate agency performance goes operational
e-government levels off
States may restrict outsourcing
SEVIS improves after rocky start
Homeland Security alerts to be carried on weather radio
Classified secrets increase 25 percent
Stevens tops in "Pig Book" - again
Kansas land run?



NASA reorganization set for August 1
Commission urges cabinet status for NASA
Crawford named to lead NOAA effort
Corps focuses on selected projects
Homeland Security creates independent research center
Homeland Security merges offices
Bio-terrorism directive released
OPM pushes on-the-spot hiring
Federal agencies fare well in job competitions
Noncompetitive contracts on the rise
Performance requirements may be revolutionary
OMB emphasizes property management



Legislature wraps up session
State puts $200 million in rainy day fund
Candidates file for office
FY 2005 budget estimate certified
Bond issue for endowed chairs
Higher Education bond issue in trouble
Water planning bill dies in
Telecommunication task force named
Republicans name floor leader
Governor names new health secretary
Norman city manager resigns
Bode named president of power pool
Highway cameras contract awarded
Oklahoma receives $32 million for homeland security
Oklahoma outpaces region in economic growth
Oklahoma's electricity market continues growth
Wheat crop gets good marks, despite drought
Monitoring plan set
Tar Creek buyout
Concern over forest thinning
OCAST President indicted
Interim OSU dean selected
Tulsa picks new president
Test scores
Oklahoma joins National LambdaRail
Rural broadband service
Oklahoma second in school Internet access
Senator Muegge to receive award



Earth Observation Summit meeting
Western Snowpack fails to live up to promise
More hurricanes than normal forecasted for 2004
NASA technology aiding weather forecasters
Warm spring
Spring soil moisture indicator of summer precipitation
Greenhouse warming leads to wetter world
Atlantic current weakens
Earthshine reflects climate change
New mass extinction



Academies seeks feedback on presidential appointments process
OMB releases new rules on peer review
Senator challenges sampling technique
NCAR combines sensors and models to test detection systems
Technical innovation necessary for transportation
Ralph Cicerone to take the helm of the National Academy of Sciences
Academy chooses 72 new members
Education symposium information on the web
Academies library resources online



Improving federal financing of academic research
Report Lists Criteria for Evaluating K-12 Math Programs
National Research Effort Needed to Secure Water Supply
Integrated planning for water projects
USGS outlines health of rivers
Engineering profession requires changes
TRB lists transportation titles  

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Useful Resources:

Oklahoma State Senate Leadership (PDF)

OMB rules on peer Review (PDF)

New NASA organizational chart (PDF)

NASA commission report: A Journey to Inspire, Innovate and Discover (PDF)


Governor Henry Appointments (Word)

Oklahoma Delegation Staff 2004 (Word)

FY05 Federal R&D Budget (PDF)

Source: House Science Committee hearing, 2/11/2004

NOAA Strategic Plan (PDF)

Army Corps of Engineers reorganization (PDF)

View From Rural Oklahoma (PDF)

Interim Report on Transmission Issues in Oklahoma (PDF)

Bush Administration National Energy Policy (Full Document, Summary)


Governor Henry State of the State Speech, 2004 (Word)

Governor Henry State of the State Speech, 2003 (Word)

Oklahoma Certified Revenues, Fiscal Year 2004 (PDF)

Governor Henry's FY2005 budget

Governor Henry's 2004 Budget (7 parts):

Overview (PDF)

Budget Summary, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Agriculture, Commerce and Tourism, Education, Energy, Environment (PDF)

Finance and Revenue, Health and Human Services, Human Resources and Administration, Military Affairs (PDF)

Safety and Security, Science and Technology Development, Secretary of State, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, Legislature, Judiciary (PDF)

Summary (PDF)

Fiscal and Economic Data (PDF)

Budgeting Process, Acronyms, Glossary, Index (PDF)

Governor Henry Inauguration Speech, 2003 (Word)


State Senate Districts (New, Old)

State House Districts (NewOld) (PDF; GIF)

Cleveland County House Districts (New, Old) (PDF)

State House District 44 (PDF)

State House District 45 (PDF)

State House District 46 (PDF)

State House District 53 (PDF)

Cleveland County Precints (PDF)


State Legislature Election Winners, 2004 (Excel Spreadsheet)

Candidates for General Election, 2004 (PDF)

Oklahoma Candidate Filings 2004 (PDF)

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Filings for Federal Office, 2002 election (PDF)

Candidate Web Sites, 2002 election (PDF)

Monthly News Review is prepared by the Oklahoma Climatological Survey. Its purpose is to provide a summary of weather and climate news or related issues that may help guide policy-makers in the Oklahoma Weather Center. Along with weather, climate, environmental, and science issues, the review includes issues on the national and state agendas and events that affect major businesses in Oklahoma that bear some relation to demands for weather-related information. The summaries and any opinions expressed herein are those of the author, and in no way reflect positions of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey or the University of Oklahoma.

Last Update: November 9, 2004